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The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyres are specially made for premium SUVs providing you excellent braking, handling and comfort.

Available Sizes

Tyre Details

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyres are specially made for premium SUVs providing you excellent braking, handling and comfort.

Key Features

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern - External part for dry conditions, internal part for wet roads

  • “Dynamic Response” Technology - A hybrid belt made of Aramid and Nylon for an optimised driving precision

  • Groove design mastered to rigidify the tread pattern and provide grip under lateral solicitation

  • Tread pattern stiffness with optimised notches for excellent braking on dry roads

  • Rigid blocks on the tread pattern optimized for longevity

  • Tread design and tyre architecture optimized to improve comfort and grip

  • Rim protector available on all dimensions

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
225/65R17 106V XL
235/65R17 108V XL
225/60R18 100V
235/50R18 97V
235/60R18 103V
235/60R18 103V (VOL)
235/60R18 107V XL (VOL)
235/60R18 107W XL
235/65R18 110H XL
255/55R18 109Y XL
255/60R18 112W XL
225/55R19 99V
235/45R19 95V (FRV)
235/50R19 99V (S1) (FRV)
235/50R19 99V
235/55R19 101V
235/55R19 101V (FRV)
235/55R19 101Y (NE0)
235/55R19 105Y XL (FRV)
245/50R19 105W XL (*)
255/45R19 100V
255/45R19 100V (FRV)
255/50R19 103W
255/50R19 103Y (NE0)
255/50R19 107Y XL (FRV)
255/50R19 107Y XL
255/55R19 111V XL
255/55R19 111Y XL
255/55R19 111Y XL (FRV)
265/50R19 110Y XL (FRV)
265/50R19 110Y XL
275/50R19 112Y XL
275/55R19 111Y (FRV)
295/45R19 113Y XL
235/45R20 100V XL
235/50R20 104Y XL (JLR) (ACOUSTIC)
235/50R20 104Y XL (JLR)
245/45R20 103V XL (VOL)
245/45R20 103V XL
245/50R20 102V
255/45R20 105W (MO)
255/45R20 105Y XL
255/50R20 109Y XL (FRV)
255/55R20 110Y XL (FRV)
265/45R20 108Y XL (FRV)
265/45R20 108Y XL
265/50R20 107V (FRV)
275/40R20 106Y XL
275/40R20 106Y XL (FRV)
275/45R20 110Y XL (FRV)
275/50ZR20 113Y XL (MO1)
285/45R20 112Y XL
295/40R20 110Y XL
295/40R20 110Y XL (FRV)
305/40R20 112Y
235/45R21 101Y XL (MO-S) (ACOUSTIC)
235/45R21 101Y XL (MO)
245/45R21 104W XL
255/40R21 102Y XL (MO)
255/40R21 102Y XL
265/40R21 105Y XL
265/45R21 104W
265/45R21 104W (FRV)
265/45R21 108W XL (FRV)
275/40R21 107Y XL (FRV)
275/40R21 107Y XL
275/45R21 110Y XL (FRV)
275/45ZR21 110Y XL (MO1)
275/50R21 113V XL
285/40R21 109Y XL
285/45R21 113Y XL
295/35R21 107Y XL
295/35R21 107Y XL (FRV)
295/40R21 111Y XL
315/35R21 111Y XL
315/35R21 111Y XL (FRV)
315/40ZR21 115Y XL (MO1)
265/40R22 106Y XL (GOE)
275/40R22 108Y XL (FRV)
275/40R22 108Y XL
285/40R22 110Y XL
295/40R22 112Y XL
325/35R22 114Y XL